Draw on the desktop with the mouse and zoom in on parts of the screen

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When you make presentations on the computer, perhaps illustrating a project in a company meeting or to promote your work and show it in action to an audience or simply to explain to the person next to you, how to use a program, you can use the finger or a laser pen to indicate important points. But if you want to make a good impression and avoid awkward movements, you should use a very useful program that allows you to zoom parts of the screen, of draw and write on the desktop to highlight the important parts to the eye of the beholder.
The computer becomes similar to an interactive whiteboard, where you can scribble and write anything, above Windows windows.
Another field of application of this type of program is to highlight and circle some parts and add notes and observations to the desktop screenshots.
There are two similar programs that can be used, both for zoom on the screen, Both for use a virtual marker that acts as a marker and marker.

1) ZoomIt, ideal for Windows 7 (for Windows 10 see below) is a great little program from Sysinternals (Microsoft) that does not require installation. This program should be used when you need to illustrate a Powerpoint slide or simply to explain how a software or web page works.

After starting it, ZoomIt appears at the bottom right, near the clock. By right-clicking on the icon, and going to the Options, you can configure the key combinations to quickly start the different functions which are:
1) Lo Zoom follows the mouse arrow that becomes a magnifying glass.
The cursor disappears and, by clicking with the left mouse button, you can draw on the desktop with a red marker.
2) LiveZoom is always a zoom where, however, the mouse arrow appears and the screen can be clicked as normal.
3) Draw is the function for draw on the screen like a blackboard, but without enlarging and zooming.
4) Type: once you have entered the Drawing mode, you can press the "t" to enter the write mode and, therefore, write on the desktop.
5) Break is a different function that allows you to select an interval 10 minutes.
You can choose the length of the interval and the timer appears in full screen.
This is also ideal for meetings (with video projector) so as to put a certain limit on work breaks, visible to all.

2) Windows Ink, for drawing and writing on the screen is a program already included in Windows 10, similar to ZoomIt, but with many more features.
The program has the specific purpose of turn your mouse into a marker for drawing and scribbling on the screen, take visual notes and write on the desktop even freehand. As for ZoomIt, Ink also transforms the computer into a whiteboard and what is drawn is independent of the open windows and does not remain in memory. Being a program made for drawing on the screen, there are more options to decide the color of the marker and the thickness of the stroke. Other functions are the button to take a screenshot of the monitor and the button to print the image that appears on the screen.

3) The third possibility to have a zoom on command and to draw on the desktop is represented by the Windows Magnifier which offers different possibilities, explained in another post.

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