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If you need a tool for draw annotations on the images, that is for write and draw on it freehand like using a marker on cara paper, there are some very effective free solutions.
These websites allow you to upload an image and then add annotations in the form of writings, freehand sketches, shapes, lines, arrows, points and other elements.
Below we discover four of the best sites for annotating images online, for draw lines and write text boxes and notes freely, simple and above all without registering an account and free.
With this type of tools each image can be described with arrows, notes and highlighter, so that it can be shared so that whoever receives it can understand what it means.

NOTE: These sites therefore have a different purpose than those for draw on photos and images in an artistic way to create paintings and abstracts.

1) Soter is one of the best free sites to use to annotate images online for free.
To use the tool you need to click on the word "get adobe flash player" in order to activate it (if it has been blocked in Chrome and Firefox).
In the first screen you can upload a photo or even take a photo from the webcam or take a screenshot.
This site offers many tools (on the right side) to draw on images, add lines, arrows, rectangles, circles, text and freehand drawings.
Also, after the annotation, you can download the annotated image to your PC.
No registration or membership is required, it is free and without limitations.

2) J-Painter is an online image editor that you can use to draw various types of annotations on images.
To upload the image from your computer, you have to press the button on the right side of the site interface.
There are many tools and functions to add arrows, text, lines, polygons, circles and rectangles to the image.
It also supports freehand and different color drawing.
Once the image has been annotated, it can be downloaded to your PC using the "Save" icon from the toolbar.

3) Microsoft OneNote not only is the program that is already installed on the PC who has bought the Miucrosoft Office suite with Word, Escel and Powerpoint, but it is also an application that can be used online from the site https://www.onenote.com/hrd (accessed with a Microsoft / OneDrive account).
OneNote is one of the best free programs from Microsoft, similar to Evernote, with many useful functions for creating notes and also for annotating images.
If you add an image to the Onenote note sheet, you can use the tools to write on it and draw freehand and also add geometric shapes, lines and text boxes.
There is also the highlighter tool, the one to choose colors and to use a pen on the screen.
To download the annotated image you can use the "Print" option as a PDF.

4) Pixorize is another very intuitive website for annotating images online, which can be used without registration.
You can import an image from your PC by adding lines, arrows and stitches to join.
The annotated image can then be shared via link, although it cannot be downloaded.

5) PixTick is a free web application, in Flash, which allows you to draw on images and screenshots, add annotations and writings.

In addition to these sites, it is also important to point out two extensions for Firefos and two for Chrome that allow you to save screenshots of web pages and draw on them with highlighter and pen.
Per Firefox you can install an extension like:
- Easy Screenshot
- Nimbus Screen Capture

Per Chrome the extensions for annotating and drawing on screenshots are:
- Awesome Screenshot
- Marker.io

Finally, let's also see two free programs for Windows PC and Mac that are used to capture screenshots and draw on images annotations and add text:

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