Create your Counter Strike server: Source

How do I install a game server for Counter Strike: Source on Windows?

Create your Counter Strike server: Source

Télécharger Source Dedicated Server

Very simple passage for the realization of your server, go to your Steam platform in the Tools menu and download the Source Dedicated Server.
Logically, once this is installed, your server is "ready".
But we will go further.

Installer Mani Admin Plugin

Go to this link to download it:
Unzip the beast to its original folder (where it landed during the download).
Go to the "addons" unzipped subfolder and run CreateVDF.exe.
Then choose cstrike from the drop-down menu. Click on Save VDF and put it in the same "addons" folder.
Open a second window for exploring documents (Windows key + E), and go to the steam> steamapps> your_account> source dedicated server> cstrike folder.
Au final : C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/mon_compte/source dedicated derver/cstrike
This is the original path if you have everything installed by default, otherwise do according to your configuration.

Now copy all the contents of your unzipped folder (cfg, sound, addons, etc.) in the folder you just went to.

NB: I do not recommend copying sounds, they are unnecessary.

This being done, I suppose you prefer the beast to be in French.
Now go to your new cfg> mani_admin_plugin> language folder.
Edit the file language.cfg with notepad, for example.
And simply replace the word english by french.
By the way, download the language pack that interests you, otherwise it will not work:

You must now become an administrator of Mani Admin Plugin.

Launch your server through Steam tools.
Put anything for the game setup for now, it doesn't matter.
Go to the Console tab of the software. (stretch the window to the right if you don't see the tab).
Enter the command:

ma_clientgroup addagroup "admin" "+#"

This will create an administrator group.
Now we are going to add administrators to this group.

But first, you have to get your Steam ID to add it.
If you don't know it, follow this step:
Make sure your console will be on Counter Strike: Source.
Right click on the game> Properties> Set launch options> And verify that you have -console entered in the text field.
If not, of course, add it back.
Now connect to any Internet game server on Counter strike: Source.
During the game, do Esc (or equivalent for the menu). You normally have your console open.
Inscrivez-y en bas status. A list is displayed.
You should have something like:

hostname: ************************* version : 3945 secure udp/ip : ***.***.***.***:***** map : ************* at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z players : *** (*** max) # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state # 556 "Un autre" STEAM_0:*:******** 29:18 42 0 active # 558 "VOUS" STEAM_0:*:******** 24:00 54 0 active # 559 "Another" STEAM_0: *: ******** 23:38 70 0 active # 559 "Another" STEAM_0: *: ******** 10: 83 19 0 active etc, etc ...

(The asterisks are marks of censorship on my part).
The first line says the name of the current server.
The second, the version of its engine.
The third, its IP address and port.
The fourth, the name of the map and your position on it (Normally).
The fifth, the number of current players as well as the maximum of the server.
But it is only then that things interest us.
Indeed, locate your nickname in the list.
And keep only what I have put in bold on the example.
It's your Steam ID!
Now that we have it, you can close Counter Strike: Source.

NB: If you end up with STEAM_ID_PENDING, then your connection to steam is not working properly.
With such a Steam ID, you cannot add an administrator.

Go back to your server management software, still on the Console tab, ready to write.
Enter these instructions line by line, where YOU is your nickname (which must be unique):

my_client addclient "YOU" my_client addsteam "YOU" "STEAM_ID_LAN" my_client addsteam "YOU" "Your_Steam_ID" my_client setaflag "YOU" "+ admin + client" my_client addagroup "YOU" "admin"

If everything worked fine then you should end up with this:

] my_clientgroup addagroup "admin" "+ #" Admin group [admin] updated] my_client addclient "YOU" Client YOU has been added] my_client addsteam "YOU" "STEAM_ID_LAN" Added Steam ID [STEAM_ID_LAN] for client [YOU]] my_client addsteam "YOU" "Your_Steam_ID" Added Steam ID [Your_Steam_ID] for client [YOU]] my_client setaflag "YOU" "+ admin + client" Processed Admin flags to client [YOU]] my_client addagroup "YOU" "admin" Client [YOU] now has Admin group [admin] access

You can of course add other groups and administrators using this technique. But the easiest way is to do it ingame, now that you are the supreme administrator;)
You just need to put "@menu" (without quotes) in the chat, or "admin" (without quotes) in the console to access your interface.


We will now configure your server.
Here we are going to edit the main configuration file for your server.
It will be executed during the change of maps and when the server is started. The configuration of the Source Dedicated Server is then unnecessary (except

part for slots and connection port).

Go to the cfg folder on your server, as we did before.
Locate your server.cfg file. He does not exist ? So create it.
Open the notepad (Windows key + R> Enter notepad> Validate).
Copy and paste this text, and modify it as you wish:

// Set to 1 if you want a (local) LAN server, or 0 for the Internet: sv_lan 0 // 0 = US East coast, 1 = US West coast, 2 = South America, 3 = Europe, 4 = Asia, / / 5 = Australia, 6 = Middle East, 7 = Africa and 255 = world. sv_region 3 // Name your server: hostname "Counter Strike: Source" // Rcon password (remote control password): rcon_password "I will not choose it for you ^^" // Remove them // in front of the sv_password variable and enter the password if you want to restrict access. // sv_password "your_password" // SERVER GAMEPLAY // Indicates the purchase time in maximum minutes: mp_buytime 1 // Indicates the maximum amount of money available, maximum = 16000 mp_startmoney 800 // Indicates the time in seconds before the bomb does not explode: mp_c4timer 35 // Allow blinding grenades or not: mp_flashlight 1 // Indicate whether yes (1) or not (0) footsteps will be heard during the game mp_footsteps 1 // Indicate if yes (1 ) or not (0) damage will be done for falls mp_falldamage 1 // Indicates the maximum number of hostages killed before the player is disconnected. 0 disables this feature mp_hostagepenalty 0 // CONFIGURATION OF TIME, GAMES AND GAMES // Number of minutes limit for each map mp_timelimit 30 // The number of rounds won so that the team wins the game directly. 0 deactivates this function. mp_winlimit 15 // The maximum number of rounds accumulated during a map. mp_maxrounds 22 // Set the time of a round in minutes mp_roundtime 3 // The time in seconds that players are frozen before the round really begins. mp_freezetime 2 // TEAMBALANCE // Force (1) or not (0) the players to AutoJoin. mp_autoteambalance 0 // Define the maximum number of players that a team can have more than the aversary team. 0 deactivates this function. mp_limitteams 8 // FF & TEAMKILL & IDLE // Activate (1) or not (0) friendly fire. mp_friendlyfire 1 // Automatic kick (1) or not (0) killers of friends and / or AFK (Away From Keyboard). mp_autokick 0 // Kick (> = 1) or not (0) the killers of friends during the time you indicate after the start of a round (one round). mp_spawnprotectiontime 2 // Here, it's 2 seconds after the start of a round. // Check the kicker decision time for a player with a connection problem. sv_timeout 25 // SPECTATORS // Forbid (1) or not (0) spectator control for dead players. mp_forcecamera 0 // Allow (1) or not (0) viewers. mp_allowspectators 1 // PART RESERVED FOR QUALIFIED USERS // Defines the rates // Maximum information bandwidth allowed on the server: 0 = unlimited, maximum = 20000 sv_maxrate 262144 // Minimum information bandwidth allowed on the server: 0 = unlimited, recommended = 4000 sv_minrate 30000 // Maximum updates per second that the server allows. Lowering this value can eat up the performance of the CPU. It turns out that CSS was recently permanently set at 66 ticks per second. sv_maxupdaterate 67 // Server frames per second limiter. Anything between 120 and 480 is a good value, 0 is the recommended value. fps_max 0 // DOWNLOAD // Allow clients to download the files needed to connect to the server. sv_allowdownload 1 // Allow clients to upload custom files, like their tag. sv_allowupload 1 // Create (on) or not (off) server console history files. Sometimes game statistics systems need it. log on // Activate (1) or not (0) the voices during the game. sv_voiceenable 1 // Allow (1) or not (0) the players of the different teams to enter the microphone of the opponents. sv_alltalk 0 // Enable (1) or not (0) cheat commands during the game. sv_cheats 1 // Set gravity when playing. 800 is the default. 1 gets you high without falling. Do not put 0! sv_gravity 800 // Allow (1) or not (0) clients to "pause" your server. sv_pausable 0 // Other options // Number of seconds players can chat at the end of a game. mp_chattime 15 // If it's not 0, this defines the number of seconds the game will restart soon. mp_restartgame 0 // Other configuration files to run. // It's okay if you don't have these files. exec banned_users.cfg // Update the Steam_IDs banned from the server. exec banned_ip.cfg // Update the banned IP addresses from the server.

And save it with the name server.cfg in the cstrike / cfg folder on your server.

Log in

We haven't explored everything about the creation of the server, but there remains this fundamental thing: how to connect to the server now?
Eh yes.

It's very simple, we have two cases:
If you are on a local network:
No problem, you go into the game, find a server, LAN tab: Your server is there.

If you put your server on the Internet:
Your server also appears in the LAN tab (for you).
For others (Internet users), it's different. They need a different IP address than the network, they need your Internet IP.
Go to to find your IP address on the Internet.
I imagine you don't have a fixed IP address. In this case, get this address each time you start your server.
Now add the port. This is usually 27015 or 27016, to be seen on your server interface.
You get a sequence of numbers like:
This is the address where Internet users must connect to play;)

And above all, don't forget to open the ports in your router / firewall etc;)

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