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Communication on the internet has evolved over the years and has developed towards the creation of virtual worlds and environments in which everyone can communicate. Typically, people who use the internet to communicate in chats do not use their real name and their photograph but use a nickname that makes them recognize and an avatar that is the often drawn image of an alter ego that represents them.
An avatar is therefore an icon that distinguishes the user on chats, online games, forums and social networks.
Create a beautiful male or female avatar it therefore becomes important for some and, even if it remains a game, it is always nice to be well represented in the internet world. The best and most famous internet sites to create an avatar from scratch, without the need to use a photograph or an image of yourself are listed later in the article.

1) Face Your Manga is a very complete web application, also available in the city, which allows you to create funny and original avatar in style manga: un "mangatar".
The smiley face can be customized by choosing a whole range of features: face, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, clothes, gadgets, accessories, makeup and a background. The choice of options is very large and, thanks to the high quality of the drawing, Faceyourmanga is becoming very used in social networking sites such as Facebook.

2) Mangatar is a nice site to create online avatars designed like Japanese cartoon characters. It is possible to customize the avatar by choosing eyes, hair, mustache, hat and so on.
The avatar can be downloaded as an image so that you can use it as your own image in forums, Facebook or other social networks.

3) Bitstrips to create cartoon avatars and cartoons on Facebook

4) it is similar to FaceyourManga and in fact it is used to create a cartoon or manga style avatar. The site offers a very simple wizard with which to choose the various elements of the character: the features of the face, the body, the hair, the colors, the clothing, the expression and the accessories. To save it, at the end of the procedure, you need to register for the service for free.

5) Avataaars Generator it's almost an Emoji creator, where you can build your own face by choosing your hair, accessories, clothes, eyes, eyebrows, mouth and skin color.
Avataaars Generator is completely free, but it does not offer a high resolution image.

6) Cartoonify can be used as an online anime character creator, to quickly generate a female or male avatar. You can choose different shapes of face, eyes, clothes, hair, mouth and even the background behind the avatar.

7) face portrait and identikit apps discussed in another article.

8) Dream Avatar allows you to create a manga-style avatar that can be used in chat, forum, blog and social networks such as Facebook. With a very simple and tidy editor you can choose the sex of the little man, the body, the hair, the mouth, the clothes and various accessories. When finished, you can save the drawing as a png image.

9) IMVU it is very nice and is used to create a full-length avatar and to chat (it is the most popular virtual world after Second Life).

10) Latest arrival is hexate, which creates a very beautiful avatar and suitable to represent one's virtual identity in chat, social networks and forums. Our alter ego can be drawn full-length and equipped with many accessories.

11 ) Otaku Avatar Maker allows you to create free avatars on the internet. You can design them from scratch by composing the graphic elements made available or customize those that are proposed on the website. By choosing the hair, eyes, background, accessories and colors you get a virtual image of yourself.

12 ) AvatarPixel is a web application to create an avatar with 8 bit graphics, in pixel art. You can choose a background, a face, clothes, mouth, hair and eyes.

13 ) Mister Picasso Head to recreate yourself as Picasso would.

14 ) Avatar Lego Minifigure, to create an avatar like the Lego man, customized.

15 ) Self Portraits allows you to create a complete drawn face for a digital self portrait.

16 ) Peanuts Me is a web application to create yourself in the style of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the famous character from the Peanuts family.

17 ) Powerpuffyourself allows you to create a Powerpuff-style avatar, characters from a very famous cartoon for children.

18 ) Avatar Generator is another site to create a vector image of an avatar, the digital face.

19 ) SouthParrk is a very well done site, which allows you to create and customize your avatar in the "South Park" style.
You can customize the mouth, eyes, hair, body, legs, wear some accessories and create a new character from the popular SouthPark cartoon. Also on this site, to save the drawing, you have to take a screenshot.

20 ) Create Simpson Avatar, official site of the film where you can create a personalized avatar with the Simpson family style drawings, choosing body, hair, nose, eyes.

21) From the Marvel site, it's out Create Your Own Superhero.
It is a flash application whose final result will be the creation of an avatar in the figure of a custom super hero. The elements of the body, the features of the face, clothing, weapons, masks, gadgets and accessories are all inspired by Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk and all the legendary American comics.

22 ) Avatar maker it is a very serious site, which shows the avatar preview on the left side while on the right side it presents all the options to use to create the face. You can customize the avatar's facial features by choosing different shapes of eyes, hair, eyebrows, nose and ears, choose clothes, background and glasses. The graphics are very accurate and the images can be saved as PNG files.

23 ) Avachara is a great site where you can create custom manga faces by choosing eyes, chin, mouth, hair, mustache and all facial features to create a unique avatar, similar to those of FaceyourManga.

24 ) My Blue Robot is another modern online tool to create avatr and faces by composing various elements of the face, with a very accurate manga design and a quality site.

25 ) Character Creator allows you to create a full-length avatar, both male and female.

26) With the site FamilyguyYourself you can create your own character from the world of Griffin, the very incorrect cartoon TV series.

27 ) 6) Another type of avatar, however cute and nice and with its own originality, can be created with Doppel me.
The interface is clean and simple even if the customization options are lower than Faceyourmanga, once the avatar has been created you can download it and use it wherever you want, if you then register on the site, there are extra options. By registering you can invite friends, manage your avatar in the community, etc. etc. With the html code you can insert the avatar on web pages and social networks, and every change is directly reflected.

28) Finally as last, the dumber that would like turning a name into a face with a simple click but whose drawings are, I would say so-so ...

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I refer to another series of articles for all programs and online applications capable of creating photomontages of different types to modify their photos.

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