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Regardless of the iPhone model you own (iPhone 12/11/X/8/7/6/5) and from the memory it mounts (16, 32, 64 GB ..), the latter always represents a resource to be preserved and if you do not take care of your device, after a few months or years you may find that you have low memory space and not being able to carry out basic operations such as updating iOS, installing new applications or games, recording videos, saving new photos etc ...

Usually for free up space on the iPhone various operations are carried out in a preliminary manner, such as deleting photos and videos that are no longer useful, transferring and saving them on the computer before deleting them on the device, uninstalling applications that are no longer used, etc ... What, however, many do not know is that there are other files that take up a lot of memory space and that can also be "dangerous" as far as your own is concerned privacy. We are talking about system files: cache and temporary files that the iPhone stores in its memory from time to time to ensure easier and faster access to files, web pages, etc ...

How to Clear Cache and Temporary Files on iPhone?

Solution 1. dr.Fone Erase

dr.Fone is a famous software created to recover data deleted from the mobile but which over time has been enriched with many new and powerful features. In the latest version of this software tool there is also an interesting function that can clear cache and temporary files of the iPhone and free up precious memory space.

You can download dr.Fone for Windows or Mac from the buttons below:

After installation you will see the following splash screen:


Click on the form Delete Data and connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable.

When the iPhone is recognized by the program, click on the left on "FREE SPACE"And this new interface will open:

Click on "SCAN ALL" at the bottom right and the program will start searching for all the useless files on the iOS device (cache, temporary files, itunes files, log files, etc ...)

To delete all these “junk” files from the iPhone click on CLEAN UP bottom right. That's all! In seconds you will free up several GB of space on your iPhone!


Solution 2. iMyFone iOS Cleaner

iMyFone iOS Cleaner is a software for Windows PC and Mac designed specifically to clear cache on iPhone and do a thorough cleaning to optimize device performance and protect your privacy. In addition to the cache, this program also deletes temporary files and all other "junk" files that inexorably accumulate in the iPhone's memory.

Download the program on your PC or Mac from the links below:

After installation this screen will open:

Solution 3. SafeEraser

SafeEraser is a program that has several very interesting features. In addition to deleting files (including cache and temporary files) from the iPhone, SafeEraser has the important functionality of REMOVE DEFINITIVELY all data from the devices. As you probably know, when you delete a file from the memory of your computer or any device (even iPhone), it is made invisible and marked as "overwritable". However, as long as it is not overwritten and replaced by some other file, it can be recovered at any time using special software.

With SafeEraser you can avoid all this and delete files from your iPhone so that it is "permanent". Permanent removal of photos, videos, caches and temporary files is very important to do especially if the iPhone will be used by other people and you want to prevent your personal and sensitive data from appearing.

Home screen:

By clicking on the last icon (the one on the far right) you can proceed with the "Quick Cleaning”Which is the one that allows you to delete unnecessary files including cache and temporary files. Connecting the iPhone to the PC / Mac via USB and during the scan you will see:

At the end of the scan you will be able to see how much space is occupied by cache files, temporary files and also by other types of useless files. By clicking on the button CLEANUP at the bottom right you can free up all the occupied memory !!

Solution 4. iPhone Space Free Up

iPhone Space Free Up is a small but effective utility for Windows PC and Mac OS X able to deeply scan the iPhone memory and delete Cache files and Temporary files to make room in the memory. In addition to this type of files, the program is also able to detect and remove the so-called "junk files" that is junk files present in the system and which are useless.

How does iPhone Space Free Up work?

Step 1. Download and install the app on your PC or Mac

Step 2. Connect the iPhone to the computer via USB

Step 3. Click on SCAN to start scanning

Step 4. At the end of the scan click on FREE UP to remove cache and temporary files from your iPhone.


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