Chrome Update KOs Macs: What's Happening

Chrome Update KOs Macs: What's Happening

Fear and delirium in… Hollywood. For some days the video editing studios have been having problems with Mac Pro dedicated to the editing of the various TV series. According to reports from various US newspapers, in the last few hours the Mac Pros have become totally unusable. The cause? A Google Chrome update.

Google obviously immediately ran for cover by immediately stopping the distribution of the update. In a post published on the pages dedicated to browser support, the Californian company acknowledged the error by stating that it had discovered that the latest Chrome update may have been distributed along with a bug. The bug would target the file system of macOS systems, damaging it and for now the distribution of the update has been paused until a new update is made that will solve this problem.

Google Chrome update problem, what is happening

Initially the problem seemed to originate from Avid's Media Composer software as it was only encountered on machines that had this program installed. Avid, despite having no fault in this regard, promptly suggested to its users to quickly back up the data, but after a thorough research has tracked down the true source of the problem. In particular, it would appear that the Keystone software, present in Chrome to automatically download updates, was able to corrupt the file system making it impossible to restart the machine.

SIP: System Integrity Protection, what it is

Il Sip, that is the System Integrity Protection, is an Apple technology that guarantees the system file protection from malicious software. Some programs require the disabling the System Integrity Protection in order to work better with external hardware such as graphics cards or sound cards, which happens, for example, with Avid Media Composer. Google has reassured all Mac users, pointing out that if System Integrity Protection is not disabled and the computer has macOS 10.9 or later, the problem does not exist.

Chrome Update KOs Macs: What's Happening

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