Chrome, Google is testing a new interface for tablets

Chrome, Google is testing a new interface for tablets

Google thinks of those who own a large tablet with a modern high-resolution screen: the latest idea is to run Chrome in desktop mode on these devices. All this automatically, without the user choosing it but leaving him the possibility to return to smartphone / tablet mode if he prefers.

The novelty was discovered by XDA Developers within Chromium Gerrit, the Web platform that collects the changes and proposed changes to the code of Chromium. That is, the open source version of Chrome, from which the backbone of all Chromium-based browsers (and official Chrome, of course) derives. Within Chromium Gerrit, therefore, a function to determine has appeared automatically if the screen is large and defined enough to activate desktop mode. The parameters taken into consideration are both the size and the resolution.

Why use Chrome desktop on a tablet

Any app's desktop mode has one richer interface of functions and often more powerful, but it needs a large display size otherwise the icons are too compressed and the user experience deteriorates a lot.

In the case of a tablet with large and very sharp screenHowever, the user experience can improve a lot especially if you are using an input device such as a nib. In this case, in fact, the stylus can act as a mouse and together with the high resolution and generous size allows you to use Chrome just like on a desktop.

When desktop mode arrives on tablets

The fact that Google has proposed this change to the Chrome open source code does not mean that it will necessarily arrive, let alone that it will arrive shortly: very often the proposals are launched by the developers of open source apps only for receive feedback.

Furthermore, it must be considered that even if the desktop mode should really arrive on tablets it won't be for everyone: only on devices with large screen (probably from 10 inches upwards) and high resolution (therefore the top of the range products) it would make sense to use Chrome in desktop mode.

Chrome, Google is testing a new interface for tablets

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