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When buying a new iPhone or if you have followed the procedure to reset the iPhone to bring it back to its initial conditions, the first thing you do to be able to reuse it is theactivation. Activate the iPhone it is a very important process and without which it is impossible to use the iOS device in all its features. If this activation process is not followed correctly you may encounter various problems and various error messages appear.

Sometimes the errors that are found during the activation of the iPhone are due either to a non-previous iOS operating system (and therefore not updated) or to the presence of a SIM blocked by the telephone operator. In this last thing it is better to contact your operator and solve the problem directly with them.

How to Activate iPhone

It must be said that there are two ways to activate the iPhone: with or without SIM and via iTunes.

That's right: the presence of a SIM card in the iPhone is not essential to proceed with activation. In this case you can still use your iPhone by connecting it to a wireless network.

Way 1. Activate iPhone with iTunes

To activate your iPhone via iTunes you need to have an active SIM card in the device. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Connect iPhone to computer via USB (make sure the latest version of iTunes is on the PC)
  2. If the iPhone is not new, perform a backup (via iTunes) and then restore it to the initial factory conditions
  3. On iTunes, select the option to activate your iPhone: you will then need to enter your Apple ID and password to proceed.

Way 2. Activate iPhone without SIM and without iTunes

In this case you will need to remove the SIM card from the iPhone. Then turn on the device and a message will appear on the screen saying that the phone cannot reach the activation server.

Press the Home button and select the emergency call option: dial 112 and press the call button. Immediately after that press the iPhone's on / off button (“power”).

At this point two options will appear: press on the Cancel option and on the next screen touch the top of the screen to return to the emergency call screen and finally press the end call key.

Magically the iPhone will be activated and you can now connect to a Wi-Fi network to use the apps on the device and use the iPhone as an iPod.

NB: If you have found an iPhone or bought an iPhone (stolen without your knowledge), activating the iPhone will be almost impossible to do (in these cases the owner will immediately block the iOS device). In these cases it is essential to enter the Apple ID and password with which the device was previously activated.

but I have a problem I reset my liphone without doing the last update because it didn't let me do it on the iphone 7 and now it tells me that I have to do the update but I don't know how to do it because with the pc I have to have the sim na without update it doesn't even read the sim

  • I don't know what to say ... it worked for me! I was about to send my cell phone to Apple service, it was completely stuck in activation. Now it goes beautifully.
    I am stunned, thank you very much, very much

  • but you are a tech genius. i tried your directions, and they worked. thank you very much

  • Who knows how to unlock a carrier locked iPhone6s Plus.
    Will someone please help me?

  • I also tried with iphone 7 without sim but the procedure does not work

    • In fact

    • How did you do?

  • Hi I tried the emergency call but after holding the shutdown button and canceling this, I go back to the call but nothing to do!

    • Hi, Then did you find a sim-free system? Thanks

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