The app of the week: I read my messages incognito, without being "✔✔ Seen"

Messaging applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger have this very indiscreet little inconvenience of telling the other person when you have read their message. Fortunately, with Unseen, you can read your messages without being "seen ✔✔".

It has happened to everyone before. This message that we have seen arriving, which is truncated and that we cannot read in full, but that we do not want to open, for fear of indicating to the correspondent that we have received it. . This little symbol, "Seen" on Facebook Messenger or even "✔✔" on WhatsApp, which socially prevents us from ghosting our friends or exes with impunity. So everyone develops their own technique, for example by reading only the notification, but this may be insufficient if the message is long, if it contains links, multimedia files or if several messages are received at the same time. "You have 4 messages", what imprecision!

Don't lie, you did too. We all do it. But there is more simple. There are indeed applications that allow you to read your messages without opening your mailbox. In my case, I use Unseen.

Unseen - Read without being "seen"

Download Unseen - Read Without Being "Seen" Free APK

Unseen is an application that reads your notifications for you as soon as they arrive and centralizes them in one place. So you can access your discussions without having to open your mailbox. Unseen works with:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
  • Line
  • KakaoTalk
  • Imo
  • Vk

No more stress of forced response, just read your posts without being seen in Unseen. You will answer them when you have the time and the inclination. But in the meantime, you will still have read your messages, and you can prepare a response without worrying about your image.

Note that the app is free, but has a lot of ads. If you like the principle, you will have to pay 0,99 euros to get rid of it. In addition, you must give the right to access your notifications to the application. An authorization that must be granted in moderation if you maintain the discretion of your conversations.

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