How to block a phone number on iPhone?

Tired of the calls you really don't want to receive? Wondering how to block a phone number on iPhone? It only takes a few seconds and we explain everything to you here.

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iOS offers a very simple solution to block an incoming number that you think is inappropriate on your iPhone. Whether it is to avoid harassers, direct sellers or simply totally control who is calling you, follow this tutorial which details the operation that will open the doors to you to a certain peace of mind.

How to block a will on iPhone?

  • Launch the application Phone
  • Press theblue icon which takes the form of a and circled to the right of the number you want to block.
  • On the information screen that appears, locate the line Block this correspondent and press it. Then confirm by pressing Block contact that appears in the popup window.

You have just blocked a number whether it is in your contacts or not.

How to unblock a phone number on iPhone?

If you block a number by accident, here's how to unblock it:

  • See you in Settings then search for the application Phone . Select it then press Blocked contacts.
  • The list of blocked contacts is displayed, press Edit top right.
  • An icon no entry appears in front of each number, press the one next to the number you want to unblock.
  • A button appears on the right unblock, tap it to allow that number to contact you again.

If you also want to block unknown or private numbers, be aware that iOS does not allow it. However, there is an alternative.

  • See you in Settings and then scroll down to find the app Phone .
  • Tap on it to access the application options.
  • Select Silent stranger calls.
  • Activate now Silent stranger calls.

From now on, unknown or private numbers are not blocked, but your smartphone will not play a ringtone during a call. This is the best we can do on iOS unless we are using a third party app.

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