How do I view a Pokémon card without leaving Pokémon Go? - Tutorial

When talking about the Pokémon Go card, it's hard to praise it. Fortunately, smart kids have found alternative solutions, like SkipLagged (and until last weekend, Pokevision). But the map is displayed in a browser and switching between them is tedious. Fortunately, we have the solution for you.

How do I view a Pokémon card without leaving Pokémon Go? - Tutorial

Update August 1: Due to the shutdown of Pokevision, which ceased its activity at the request of Niantic and Nintendo, this article has been modified to be based on SkipLagged. As TheVerge rightly points out, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, was not happy to see third-party applications like Pokouverte reducing some of the interest in Pokémon Go. Also, even on maps that are still functional, the APIs have been modified so that each scan only returns a limited number of Pokémon.

The typical Pokémon Go player is, according to studies, a 25-year-old white woman who is quite well off financially. But this player, or rather this player, is also a SkipLagged user. During my many Pokémon hunting parties, people I have met all use this tool to avoid leaving this quest to chance. A good idea since the site is quite precise, and unlike the word "cheaters" used by some to designate SkipLagged users, the enjoyment of the game is not reduced and it is not easier. You only have a better chance of getting the Pokémon you want to catch to complete your Pokédex.

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A laborious switch

The problem with SkipLagged is that it is accessible as a web page, and you have to exit the Pokémon Go application to access it. Another solution would be to have two phones with two SIM cards, one for the game and the other for the card. But with a phone in each hand, you'll have a hard time throwing your Pokéballs at your target. Suddenly, by switching between Pokémon Go and SkipLagged, we miss some “minor” Pokémon to look for the Pokémon we want to catch.

And having tested it, the Pokémon Go application (everything will also depend on your mobile) tends to relaunch when you bring it back to the foreground. Quite annoying when you have little time to capture the beast.

How do I view a Pokémon card without leaving Pokémon Go? - Tutorial

The almost solution: the split screen

We believed in it, but in fact no. The split screen could have been the solution but it is currently not possible to share the screen between Chrome (SkipLagged) and the Pokémon Go application on the devices we have available, namely the Huawei Mate 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. To see if the application will become compatible with the split screen afterwards.

The real solution: the floating browser

When you think about it, you think that being able to display the SkipLagged card as a pop-up would be the ideal solution. And what comes closest to it is a floating button like Facebook Messenger. In fact, there are browsers for Android in bubble form, like Brave for example. Thus, it is possible to leave SkipLagged open in a tab and place the bubble at one end of your screen.

How do I view a Pokémon card without leaving Pokémon Go? - Tutorial

If we chose Brave, it's mainly because it supports localization, which other browsers of this type don't necessarily do (or we just haven't figured out how to activate it).

There you go, now that you have all the cards in your hand, all you have to do is hunt!

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