Freebox: how to block canvassing?

Freebox subscribers can block telephone canvassing using an option in their subscriber area. An alternative to the much maligned bloctel service to try to stem unsolicited calls. We show you in this quick tutorial how to do it in a jiffy. 

Freebox: how to block canvassing?

Do you regularly receive direct sales calls on the fixed line of your Freebox? Have you tried Bloctel in vain? Free offers its subscribers its own call filter. The operator does not give details on its operation, and does not allow manually adding numbers to the block list. It is activated by default for many subscribers, but if it is not, or to verify that the option is checked, here is how to activate it.

How to block telephone canvassing on Freebox?

To activate the blocking of direct sales calls, nothing could be simpler:

  • Go to your Freebox subscriber area
  • Go to the tab Telephony and Management of my telephone services> Unsolicited call filter
  • Activate the option if it is not already the case
  • Click on Save Changes

It is also possible to activate or deactivate this blocking directly from your landline:

  • Compose * # # 350 to view the blocking status
  • Compose * 350 # to activate the blocking
  • Compose # 350 # to deactivate the blocking

In theory, if this filter is enabled, you should no longer receive direct canvassing calls. In practice, the results are random. The service would undoubtedly be more efficient if Free allowed its subscribers to report numbers to be blocked, for example by directly giving the possibility to report these numbers from the call log of the Freebox Companion application. Have you activated the telephone spam filter? Have you seen a decrease in unsolicited calls? Share your feedback in the comments.

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