Facebook: Stories do not interest anyone, a hide-and-seek is applied

Facebook once again launched Stories, this time directly on the application of its social network. But unlike Instagram, this new feature is struggling to convince and the developer today finds himself having to play hide and seek so as not to fully assume his failure.

Social networks have become over time our first gateway to the net. No wonder then that the competition is tough in this sector, especially when success is never guaranteed and talent and luck are mixed to last.

Facebook is not one of those in need of luck, of course. The juggernaut is already developing on virtual reality, when others are struggling to find stability. This does not prevent it from copying all over its competitors to keep its head high, but success is not necessarily there.

Facebook Stories are baking

And it's not Snapchat who wants: if the implementation of Stories in Instagram has hurt the yellow application, the same functionality implemented on Facebook makes a monumental oven. To the point of pushing the developer to apply a hide-and-seek:

For now only deployed on iOS, this update shows your friends transparently on the bar dedicated to Stories. The goal: to use the space left empty by the absence of new posts, the functionality never being used by the community as we can always easily see on Android.

Proof, if there is one, that becoming a “Frankenstein” social network incorporating all the functionalities of others does not lead to anything. Facebook would do better to focus on video, where it has great growth to come.

We can not blame him for trying, however: every day, new networks could take its place by making the right decisions at the right time. The free is also tackling it, as with the recent highlight of Mastodon.

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