The best TV and video apps with Chromecast

The best TV and video apps with Chromecast pixinoo /
Screen mirroring with the Chromecast is very practical! But if this small device is so successful, it is also thanks to its myriad of compatible applications and websites, which make it possible to take advantage of the full potential of this multimedia gateway.

Indeed, rather than using screen mirroring to watch your favorite series or the replay of a television program, it is better to use theaffected application. In addition to offering you more advanced features, this will also allow you to be able to continue using your devices during the broadcast, to save their resources, but also to use them as a remote control.

Without further ado, find our selection of best tv apps et audiovisual media with Chromecast.

The best TV apps

Look at them TV channels classic with the Chromecast? The idea may seem far-fetched to those who already have a box TV but can be useful in many cases, first of all to take advantage of the additional functionalities offered by the applications that we are going to present to you, and to be able to use them on any screen with an HDMI port, but also because that certain geographical areas still remain ineligible for the Internet TV !

1. Molotov

Molotov it is the TV application par excellence! Free and easy to use, it is Chromecast compatible and allows you to watch live more than 30 TV channels.

The best TV and video apps with Chromecast
Its intuitive interface provides access to many features such asregistration of programs, or the resumption of a program at its beginning. Molotov also offers bouquets with pay channels like OCS (perfect for watching Game Of Thrones), or with the channels of RMC Sport, on which you can watch the astonishing finale of the Champions League ! Note, however, that those who are already subscribed to OCS will certainly prefer to go through the dedicated application. Ditto for RMC Sport, included in the formula SFR Sport.

2. is, as its name suggests, an application that brings together all the TV channels of the public service. We thus find Spain 2, Spain 3, Spain 4, Spain 5 and Spain Ô, as well as the newcomer Spain Info.

The best TV and video apps with Chromecast
The application also makes it possible to watch films, series and documentaries in replay, to record a selection of favorite programs and to resume playing videos. L'application is of course free and Chromecast compatible.

3. myCANAL

Intended for both Canal + subscribers and non-subscribers, who will thus be able to view certain programs free of charge, the application myCANAL offers a multitude of services, starting with accessibility to more than 150 channels depending on your subscriptions.

The best TV and video apps with Chromecast
There are also standard features such as the replay in VF and VOST on thousands of programs, or even well-thought-out services such as multi-live which allows two to four channels to be displayed on a single screen (particularly relevant for sports), or even “expert mode” which promises an immersive experience in sport by displaying statistics, highlights, additional cameras and others in real time on broadcasts.

Speaking of sport, note that many applications of this type are compatible with Chromecast, we can in particular mention BeIN Sport, UFC.TV, ESPN, or Eurosport Player.

The best video streaming apps

Streaming platforms have established themselves widely in the cultural landscape in recent years, in particular thanks to players such as Netflix which offers a very large catalog of films and series, and of course original and exclusive creations which have contributed to its popularity.
It is therefore not surprising to find Netflix here in pole position for the best video streaming applications compatible with Chromecast.

1. Netflix

As we just said, Netflix has a huge catalog of movies, series, documentaries, shows and more. Also, even if many devices already integrate it, compatibility with the Chromecast remains one of the best solutions for watching Netflix on a television that does not already benefit from this service.

The best TV and video apps with Chromecast
No need to present the video on demand giant in more detail, however, it should be noted that Netflix is ​​also compatible with Chromecast Ultra, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite series in 4K and HDR.

2. Google Play Movies & TV

It's hard to ignore Google's video on demand service when it comes to Chromecast compatibility! Unlike Netflix, Google Play Movies & Series is not a subscription service, but rather a store that allows you to buy, or rent, many movies and series through the Play Store.

The best TV and video apps with Chromecast
Couldn't be simpler, choose your movie and cast it in one click on your TV via Chromecast!

3. OCS

The best TV and video apps with Chromecast
While OCS - Orange Cinéma Séries - is accessible via Molotov, the package made up of four channels is also available via its own application. You will find there of course all the films and series HBO like Westworld or Game Of Thrones, a large catalog in replay via its four thematic channels, but also the OCS Signature label which offers exclusive content such as the TV series "Naked".

4. Twitch, Dailymotion, YouTube

The best TV and video apps with Chromecast
Finally, among these many applications, it would be a shame not to mention platforms such as YouTube, which is none other than the world's leading video platform on the internet, as well as the Spanish platform Dailymotion. Note also that video game lovers will be able to watch their favorite streamers via Chromecast with Twitch !

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