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To take a passport photo, there are machines in different corners of each city, they take a single shot in which you have to stand still and serious in order not to risk getting bad, also because it costs about 5 Euros for 4 photographs and certainly many will have to. spend this money twice because the photo was unpresentable.

On the internet you can create your own passport photo in digital format, choosing the best image of oneself that can be replicated even 100 times so as to always have it at hand. Obviously, if the photograph is in digital format, it will need to be printed with an excellent printer and on quality paper. However, since the photo can be replicated many times, let's say at least 16 times, and all together they can be put on a single sheet, just prepare this mosaic of passport photos, go to a professional photographer and get for the price of a single print, a nice bundle of passport photos to use for different occasions.

1) To create your own passport photo you can go to the site IDPhoto4you where you just need to upload your own photo with the right requirements to obtain, quickly and easily, your face photograph with the dimensions required by documents. The site is a web application that has in memory the dimensions of the photos to be used on the documents required by the law of all countries in the world. After choosing the city as the country, you can check that the dimensions set by the passport photo are 4,5 X 3,5 cm. The final output is an image of 7 photos that can be downloaded and printed.

2) A free and similar web application is Make Passport Photo where you can upload your passport photo from your computer and automatically re-download it with the right size for a passport or other document. The city is not present among the countries but just choose the passport photo of 45x35mm.

Remember that for the photograph to be used to take a legal and regular passport photo, useful for issuing documents (passport, identity card, residence permit) certain requirements must be met internationally: The photos presented for a single person must all be the same, be recent (in theory no more than 6 months), in color, with a format of 40 mm in height and 33 mm in width. An ID photo must be printed on high quality, high resolution paper. The face must not have strange expressions, there must be no external objects, it must not be covered by hair or clothing such as sunglasses and scarves and it must be absolutely frontal.

3) To do first you could upload a photo to the website's web application Online Passport Photo which automatically crops the photograph to the size of the regular, city-legal passport photo.

4) IdPhotoLand is a free service that transforms a photo from your computer into an ID photo with the right format for documents, driving licenses, passports. The application also allows you to retouch the photo by improving it in light, colors and contrast. At the end the passport photo can be printed.

5) The free program IDPhotoStudio allows you to crop a photo correctly so that it can be used for a document or passport, to be printed or even to be left digital.

App for Android and iPhone to create passport photos

You can also create passport photos using your smartphone camera using an application such as:
- Photographs - Passports, Identity Cards and Visas for Android smartphones, useful for creating photos for ID documents by cropping selfies or even removing the background from a photo (but this is a premium option).
- The Photo Card for iPhone, one of the few free.

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